What Does a TAD Do?

A temporary anchorage device, often simply referred to as a TAD, is a small titanium anchor used by orthodontists to make tooth movement faster while improving comfort and efficiency. Usually these devices are quite small, just 1.5-2 millimeters in diameter, and the tiny screws are specially engineered. They are placed into the gum and on into the jawbone, providing an anchor point and aiding in the movement of the teeth.

In many cases, orthodontists are able to eliminate the need for jaw surgery or uncomfortable head gear by using these anchors. They offer a new, conservative way to realign the jaws and teeth that make it much easier on patients. TADs can be used to eliminate the need for jaw surgery. They can also help to close spaces where there are missing teeth, so you won’t need to deal with tooth placement. TADs are very effective in difficult cases where extreme tooth movement is needed, and they can also eliminate the need for patients to wear headgear.

The TAD can be used in various sites throughout the mouth, and placement will be customized by your orthodontist. They can provide patients with improved results and shorter treatment times with little discomfort. TADs are placed with very little discomfort to the patient. In most cases, the care for the TAD only requires regular brushing like the rest of your teeth. These devices are so small that you’ll barely know they are there, but they provide excellent results.

Once your TAD has been placed, Dr. Clark can tell you how long it will need to be in place. You may only require them for several months, but in other cases, you may need them throughout the entire orthodontic treatment. When you no longer need the TAD, it’s easy to removed and the area where it was placed will heal quickly and usually causes no pain.

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