Adult Treatment


As your resource for orthodontics in Tallahassee, Florida we believe that it’s never too late to enhance your smile. More adults are turning to orthodontic treatment everyday in order to improve both function and aesthetics of their smile.

Dr. Clark is proud to provide treatment utilizing the Damon® System of braces, which uses a low friction technique. A low friction system requires less force to properly align teeth. The lower amount of force makes for a more comfortable and healthy treatment. Adults greatly benefit from this process because it puts less strain on teeth, gums, and bones.

The Damon® System is capable of drastically reducing treatment time. Decreased treatment time allows for fewer office visits, and makes orthodontic treatment more convenient for busy adults. In some cases, Damon System® patients can avoid surgery which would have otherwise been necessary in conjunction traditional braces.

Adult patients may require cosmetic dentistry following orthodontic treatment to achieve the best possible outcome. Dr. Clark enjoys working jointly with his patients’ general dentists in order to ensure the healthiest smile achievable.

Adults may gravitate towards the less noticeable forms of orthodontic treatment. At Stevens Orthodontics we offer clear braces, which are made of a clear material and are less visible than metal braces. For patients whose smile only requires subtle adjustments, Invisalign braces are a practically invisible treatment method.