The Importance of Gum Care

Wearing braces is the first step to getting you a healthier, straighter smile. Unfortunately, while those braces are designed to help improve your oral health and give you the smile you have always wanted, they can also cause problems to your gums.

Wearing Braces Increases Your Risk for Gum Disease

Gum disease can happen to anyone at any age. However, people who wear braces are at a higher risk for developing gum disease.

Wearing braces increases your risk for gum disease for two reasons. First, it can be difficult to properly clean your teeth when wearing braces. This results in a buildup of plaque. That plaque can get under your gums and cause everything from gingivitis to tooth loss and bleeding gums.

Another reason you are at a higher risk for gum disease with braces is because of the potential for gum irritation. The brackets and wires of your braces can irritate your gums. When your gums are irritated, they tend to swell which causes you to be at an increased risk for gum disease.

Prevent Gum Disease by Engaging in Regular, Routine Gum Care

If you engage in regular, routine gum care, you can possibly avoid developing gum disease.

Things you can do to keep your gums healthy while wearing braces include:

  • Scheduling regular cleanings with your dentist.
  • Brushing after every meal
  • Using specially designed dental equipment that will help you clean around the brackets and wires
  • Using a floss threader to floss between your teeth and around the brackets

Remember just because you are at an increased risk for gum disease when wearing braces, it doesn’t mean you have to develop it. Combining regular brushing and flossing with scheduled visits to the dentist, will help you avoid experiencing painful, swollen gums and other problems that come with gum disease.



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