Braces in Your Everyday Life

If you have decided to get braces, you are on your way to having straighter, more perfect-looking teeth. However, you may wonder what to expect from your new appliance on a regular basis. Here is how braces normally affect your everyday life:

Your braces require adjustments.

Regardless of the type of braces that are selected for your treatment plan, eventually, they will need to be adjusted. Your braces help shift your teeth into a proper alignment over time. To ensure that your alignment progresses as expected, your archwire will need to be periodically adjusted.  

Immediately following an adjustment, the alignment pressure will likely be a little uncomfortable. However, the discomfort typically only lasts a couple of days.

At times, you may develop a few mouth sores.

Braces are often made of metal. As a result, the brackets can sometimes feel a bit abrasive to the soft tissues of your mouth. The good news is that you can apply orthodontic wax to any area of your braces that may be causing a sore to form in your mouth. Still, over time, your mouth adjusts to your braces and will be less likely to become irritated.

You may have a few food restrictions.

Once your braces have been installed, you will need to pay attention to the types of foods that you eat. Some items can damage your appliance. Here are a few examples that your orthodontist will likely ask you to avoid:

  • Popcorn
  • Hard nuts
  • Hard, crunchy candy
  • Chewy candy, such as toffee or caramel

There may also be foods that you can eat regularly but may need to exercise caution as you enjoy them. For instance, if you would like to enjoy a crunchy apple, you may need to slice it first.

Brushing and flossing may take a bit longer.

Once your braces are in place, it is especially necessary for you to exercise great oral hygiene. You will need to brush and floss just as frequently as you did before your braces were applied. Additionally, you will need to take your time to ensure that your teeth and your braces are properly cleaned. A floss threader and interdental brushes can help you navigate around the wires and brackets of your appliance.

If questions or concerns arise as you are wearing your braces, feel free to contact our office. Dr. Clark and all of the staff at Stevens Orthodontics are happy to help.


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