What Happens During a Consultation?

While you may know you need braces to improve your smile, you can’t just head to a local orthodontist’s office and walk out the same day with a pair of braces. Typically, the orthodontist will ask you to schedule a consultation. That often leads people to ask the question “what happens during a consultation”.

What happens during a consultation will vary from orthodontist to orthodontist. Some orthodontists will only sit down and discuss treatment options with you, others will take x-rays and digital photos, conduct a clinical exam, and discuss financing.

We understand the differences in consultation practices can be unsettling as you never know what to expect during your first appointment. Luckily, we have created this brief consultation guide for prospective patients at Stevens Orthodontics. This brief guide will walk you through what occurs during a typical complimentary consultation at our orthodontic office.

Meet the Office Staff and Take a Tour of the Office

When getting braces you will be spending a lot of time with the staff at your orthodontist’s office. You will come in regularly for progress monitoring, cleanings, routine examinations, adjustments, and the occasional emergency appointment. It is important that you feel comfortable with the staff, as you will be seeing them a lot and working closely with them.

The consultation is a great time to meet the office staff. You will be able to see how they interact with other current patients, how they treat prospective patients and just get a feel for their personality. Even though the consultation is just one appointment, you will be able to get a pretty good idea if you feel comfortable with the staff.

In addition to meeting the staff, you will get to tour the office. During your tour, you will see the exam rooms and may even see the different types of tools and equipment that your orthodontist will use for your treatment.

The Clinical Examination

To give you the best treatment recommendations for your individual situation our orthodontist will need to conduct a clinical examination. The clinical examination includes discussing your previous medical history, reviewing any past dental work that has been performed, and conducting an oral exam.

Digital x-rays and photos will also be taken during the examination. This type of imaging will help our orthodontist see exactly how your teeth are positioned. Once this is noted, our orthodontist will be able to provide you with treatment recommendations that address the specific problems that are causing you from having the smile of your dreams.

Question and Answer Session with the Orthodontist

Consultations provide prospective patients with the perfect opportunity to voice any concerns they may have about treatment. Patients can ask questions about various types of treatments, what to expect during the treatment, and even whether or not the treatment is painful. No question is off limits during the consultation.

An Overview of Treatment Options

There are over a half dozen different orthodontic treatment options available. Your orthodontist will assess your case and provide you with recommendations for which orthodontic treatments will get you the best results. In some cases you may have multiple options; in other cases, you may only have one treatment option.

In addition to discussing treatment options, your orthodontist will also discuss financing. You are under no obligation to commit to orthodontic treatment during the consultation, but you do need to know how much may be covered by insurance and how much you will be paying out of pocket. The financing director can help provide you with an understanding of how much treatment will cost and even discuss various financing options that may be available to you.

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