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Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile. One of every four patients in orthodontic treatment is over 18.

Because of a lifetime of wear, it is not uncommon for adult patients to require some cosmetic dentistry after orthodontics is completed in order to gain the maximum esthetic result. Dr. Clark likes to work closely with your family dentist to give you the most esthetic and healthy smile possible.

Dr. Clark uses the Damon System of braces. The hallmark of this system is low friction. Why is this important? If Dr. Clark doesn’t have to overcome friction in moving teeth, he doesn’t have to push as hard. Less force is both more comfortable and healthier for the gums, bones and teeth – especially important for adults. The bone biology is actually different if you push gently vs. using heavy forces, and lighter forces can actually move the teeth faster! In addition, Dr. Clark has found that many patients who might have needed jaw or gum surgery with conventional braces can avoid surgery using the Damon System.

Working in harmony with the Damon System, SureSmile technology can significantly reduce the time spent in braces — usually from 20-50%. This means fewer office visits — less inconvenience! Through the use of space-age wires and robotic wire bending technology, SureSmile can provide less overall discomfort and higher quality results. Fewer than 300 orthodontists world-wide are certified in the SureSmile technology, and Dr Clark is the exclusive SureSmile orthodontist in the Big Bend area.


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